Athenian Brewery S.A (Alcochol Drinks)

The Company

Athenian Brewery S.A. is one of most important brewing and beer distribution companies in Greece. Established in Athens in 1963 by a group of Greek entrepreneurs, is based in Athens, and is part of the Heineken N.V. Group.

The first brewery operated in Athens in 1965 producing the Amstel brand. In 1975 a second brewery was established in Thessaloniki and in 1985 a third one was bought in the Patras. Also, since 1993 Athenian Brewery operates a plant in Lamia, bottling IOLI Natural Mineral Water.


Today, we produce and bottle in Greece some of the most famous brands as: Amstel, Amstel Premium Pils, Amstel Bock, Heineken, ALFA, Fischer, Buckler, BIOS 5. Moreover, we import and distribute Amstel Light, McFarland, Erdinger, SOL, Murphy’s, Duvel, Chimay, Kirin, Krusovice, Moretti, Desperados and others.

Our 25 products that we brew and distribute are sold in 11 countries, via an extensive sales and distribution network. It is our strategic commitment to continue to grow our brands in existing markets and expanding to new ones.

50 years of growth – Key Dates in Athenian Brewery’s History

  • 1963: Establishment of Athenian Brewery SA

  • 1965: Launch of Amstel Beer in the Greek market & operation of our first Brewery in Athens with capacity of 45.000 hectoliters of beer.

  • 1975: New brewery in Thessaloniki

  • 1977: Amstel gains the lead in the market and in the preferences of the Greek consumers

  • 1979: Amstel sales reach 1milllion hectoliters

  • 1981: Launch of Heineken in the Greek market

  • 1985: New brewery in Patras

  • 1989: Sales reach 3 million hectoliters

  • 1990-1993: Athenian Brewery launches Buckler & 10 imported brands

  • 1993: Establishment of bottling plant in Lamia & launch of IOLI Natural Mineral water

  • 1996: Certification of management systems for environmental safety

  • 1995-1998: Athenian Brewery & Hellenic Bottling Company 3E establish Brewinvest and carry out 3 acquisitions in Bulgaria & FYROM

  • 1990-1999: Additional investments for upgrading production equipment and expanding export business.

  • 1999: OHSAS certification on Personnel Health & Safety procedures

Our brands

Since 1963 we produce and bottle in Greece some of the most famous brands: the Amstel family: Amstel Lager – Amstel Pils – Amstel Bock –Amstel Radler, Heineken, ALFA, Fischer, BIOS 5 and Buckler. Moreover, we import brands as: SOL, Krusovice, Moretti, Mc Farland, Erdinger and many others.

Our commitment is to offer products of the highest quality that will satisfy all consumers’ needs. Each one of the 28 brands in our portfolio is unique, has its distinct taste, heritage and personality.


    Blond Lager. Amstel is No1 beer in consumption in beer with almost 50 years of heritage in Greece. Contains 5% alcohol and its golden color is the result of blending blond & dark malts. It has a full rich taste and aromas of hops and yeast. Produced in Greece, in 3 breweries in Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki.


    Blond lager. Heineken is the world’s most international premium beer and it is enjoyed in more than 170 countries in the world. It’s unique taste is a result of the exclusive special yeast. Contains 5% alcohol and has a full taste with subtle aromas of hops and malt.

  • ALFA

    Light bodied blond lager. ALFA is refreshing and easy to drink lager with rich foam and perfect match to traditional Greek tastes. It is brewed by 42% of Greek barley and contains 5% alcohol.


    A high quality pilsener originating from Strasbourg. Fischer combines the class of France and the brewing tradition of Germany. It contains 5% alcohol.


    Amstel pils is the authentic pilsner beer from Amstel, brewed according to the original recipe from 1870. It has dark golden color, rich full-bodied taste and distinct hoppy bitterness. Amstel Pils is a high quality pilsner which incorporates all of Amstel’s brewing experience. Produced in Greece, in 3 breweries in Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki.


    A high quality, full bodied dark lager. Served in a wide-top glass to give off its rich aromas of hops and roasted malt. Contains 7% alcohol it has a full bodied taste, dark brown color and satisfying aftertaste.


    Beer with lemon juice. Born out of our thirst for new tastes and experiences, Amstel Radler combines the superior taste of Amstel with the refreshing taste of natural lemon juice. Contains 2% alcohol and is naturally cloudy as a result of the mixing of Amstel beer and lemon juice. Enjoy it ice-cold and discover a new dimension of taste and double refreshment. Produced in Greece.


    Alcohol-free lager beer. It is brewed by special fermentation process and has distinctive aromas of yeast and barley. Enjoy it at any time of day or night!


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