The company

Since its first day of operation on 2001, Terra Creta SA has set its goal to produce only the most qualitative, the safest and the most nutritional olive oil that the Cretan land can offer.

Company Profile

Terra Creta SA has established a Quality Management System which is certified according to HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and IFS standards assuring the safety of its products.

Olive oil comes from one region (Kolymvari at Northern-Western Crete), from a single variety and is produced by a single method, the cold extraction.

The company has an exporting orientation, exporting 80% of its production to 15 countries around the world. Great taste and flavour are the basic attributes of Terra Creta’s olive oil rendering it so popular among consumers and expert-panelists.


In particular Terra Creta’s products have won:

  • 1st Greek award of 2004
  • 1st International award of 2005
  • 1st Greek award of 2007
  • 1st at the “Olive & Olive oil” magazine’s competition among all greek olive oil sold in supermarkets.
  • Silver at the international competition OIL CHINA 2008
  • Award Golden “KOTINOS” 2009 (Greece)
  • BioFach 2011 (Germany) Top Ten award for Terra Creta Estate PDO Kolymvari Hania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olive Japan 2012 Silver Medal Award for Terra Creta Estate PDO Kolymvari Hania Crete
  • Biol Gold 2013 and Biol Greece for our organic Olive Oil GOLD AWARD for the Terra Creta Estate Organic extra virgin olive oil in Italy
  • Gold Award in BIOL 2014 / Italy
  • Terra Creta reaches the final of Prestigious European Business Awards


Terra Creta is an innovation driven company. All products can be fully traced from the olive grove to the shelf; with an innovative traceability system that is accessible to every consumer at company’s web-site (http://www.terracreta.gr/).

Apart from that, in every product’s label the 6 basic quality parameters of this specific batch are declared giving the chance to the consumer to compare it against other products before he buys it.

Furthermore, very recently Terra Creta launched a new set of products: an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Balsamic Vinegar in spray bottles. The new products were created following market’s demand for higher quality and easier to use packaging with modern design.


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