Tsantali S.A.

The Company

TSANTALI Vineyards & Wineries: Growing since 1890

For four generations now the Tsantali family shares the love of the unique Greek vineyards and the secret of making quality wines and distillates. This tradition, coupled with vision and insight, rendered TSANTALI into a rapidly developing company whose products are available today in 55 countries around the world.

In Greece we manage vineyards in 14 viticulture zones across the country and wineries in Halkidiki, Mount Athos, Rapsani, Naousa and Maronia in Thrace. Through strategic partnerships (SANTO WINES from Santorini Island) we bring the new wines of Greece to the world.

Our Mission

A vineyard is a field of choices

And that is what it all comes down to. For us in TSANTALI safeguarding our 120-year-old tradition as a family company with worldwide projection remains the core of our philosophy.

Sincerity, responsibility and respect towards our consumers, our industry and our people are the key elements of our everyday conduct. We want to be present, eager to support the local communities, to preserve the environment, to promote the authenticity of the Greek viticulture and to stand out as a pioneer of entrepreneurship.

Our Heritage

Roots are one’s compass in life

It was in 1890 in the northeastern of Greece when the Tsantali family first started cultivating vineyards and making wine and traditional Greek distillates (ouzo and tsipouro).

The insight and instinct of Evangelos Tsantalis led to the development of all infrastructures according to an extrovert-oriented strategy of no prior for the time (1940s). Moreover, thanks to his profound passion for the local terroirs, some of the most unique Greek vineyards were revived.


  • 1938: First winery in Serres, Northeastern Greece

  • 1945: First distillery in Thessaloniki

  • 1948: Winery in Naousa

  • 1962: First exports begin

  • 1969: Mount Athos vineyards revival

  • 1971: TSANTALI S.A. foundation

  • 1991: Rapsani terroir rejuvenation

  • 1996: Certified organic cultivation is implemented

  • 2006: “Official Purveyor of Kremlin Russia” title – TSANTALI offices Moscow and Saint Petersburg

  • 2010: TSANTALI Asia foundation

Our Commitment

Devotion in aiming high

Our vision has always been paired to:

  • Quality (HACCP, AGROCERT, Organic Cultivation)
  • Responsibility (Sustainable farming, standing by local traditions and communities, wine education)
  • Innovation (Both In the vineyards and the entrepreneurship field)

For us success cannot be achieved if the standards are not kept high at all times, if the effort is not ongoing, if an accomplished goal is not replaced by a new one.

Tsantali Success Stories

From day one, the TSANTALI orientation was extrovert, even at the most harsh times during wars and political instability. In 1962 the first exports became a reality for the Tsantali family, opening to markets with significant Greek population as Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and USA. At the same time, the strategic investment in the revival of unique vineyards as in Mount Athos and Rapsani, offered to the family the added-value products able to attract the world’s attention. Today TSANTALI is the proud holder of some of the most important success stories in the history of Greek winemaking.

Official Purveyor of Kremlin

In Russia one of the most prestigious wine success stories in the history of Greek wine making is achieved. For the first time, the honorary title of “Official Purveyor of Kremlin” is attributed to a winery. And that winery is a Greek one, ours.

A very unique and of limited production wine, Kormilitsa Gold, is the Official wine of Kremlin, produced at Mount Athos vineyards, at a very selective low yields vineyard, organically cultivated. The certification of the wine lasted for more than 3 years of thorough examination by the Kremlin. Our wine is part of every official ceremony that takes place in Kremlin, as Presidential inauguration.

That honorary title opened the Russian and the neighbor countries market for TSANTALI products, now available in supermarkets, premium enotecas, wine and food stores, as well as at a vast religious market of more than 2,500 churches and monasteries. Today TSANTALI Russia offices operate in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

TSANTALI Chain of 25 Stores in China

We set foot in China, the new “el dorado” for the global wine industry, in 2008 after a long market research. Today we are the only Greek winery with a chain of franchising stores reaching a market of 200 million consumers. At the moment the Tsantali chain includes 25 stores and tenths of corner shops in 5 peripheries of the country. By the end of 2015, the number of our stores will reach 150.

TSANTALI Asia’s offices are located in Hong Kong, managing the Chain of Stores and strategic collaborations. Today we are the proud partners of the Chinese Wine Chamber and The National Institute of Cardiology. Our aspiration is to be involved in the wine education process of the Chinese consumers, promoting the unique Greek wine making traditions.

Tsantali Wines

The broad portfolio includes:

Signature Wines: From unique terroirs and vineyards all over Greece safeguarding special viticultural traditions:

  • Mount Athos: The mystic vineyard with the pure, ideal for vine-growing microclimate

Wines: METOXI, METOXI X, ABATON and the Official Wine of Kremlin KORMILITSA GOLD

  • Mount Olympus: The unprecedented viticulture tradition giving birth to the “nectar of Gods”, Rapsani red wine

Wines: Rapsani, Rapsani Reserve and Rapsani Grand Reserve

  • Maronia Thrace: A place where the myth meets the viticulture tradition of thousands of years


  • Santorini: The worldwide famous wines through our strategic partnership with SANTO WINES. Assyrtiko, Vinsanto and more… at their best expression

Organic wines: Since 1996 we are investing in certified organic cultivation. Today we are among the major organic wines producers in Europe with top partnerships (e.g. Peter Riegel Weinimport Gmbh) and top distinctions in international wine competitions.

Indicative Wines: TSANTALI Organic, ABATON, AGATHON

Everyday wines: Friendly wines with an exceptional quality-value ratio. Familiar brands with a standard place in our everyday table.

Indicative Wines: MAKEDONIKOS, AGIORITIKOS, MONOvarietals with indigenous greek grapes (Athiri, Moshofilero, Agiorgitiko, Moschomavro) and many more


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