UWC Samos

The Company

The UNION OF WINEMAKING COOPERATIVES OF SAMOS was founded in 1934 with the participation of twenty six (25) local co-operatives representing all the vine growers of the island.

By forming this compulsory Union the desperate peasants managed at last to protect their rights and bring a halt to their exploitation by the negotiants and vine merchants. From then until today the Union gathers the vine crop of the island and makes wine in its two traditional wineries situated at Malagari and Karlovassi having the exclusive authority to sell it all over the world.

About Samos

Samos, one of the most beautiful islands in the north-eastern part of Greece, is famous all over the world for its Muscat which makes unique sweet and dry wines. Especially its sweet dessert wines are considered top quality and are always compared to the best sweet wines in the world.

Further expansion

The UNION, which has no counterpart elsewhere in Greece, supports the income of the vine growers of Samos and advertises the economic profile of the island. It is an institution which continually strives for excellence. In March 2006, it started being represented for the Greek market by one of the biggest and most widely-known distributors in Greece, Karoulias. In June 2006 it was certified with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP:ELOT 1416 by TUV HELLAS for Winemaking, Bottling and Trading of wines.

The above actions prove the focus of the Union on quality winemaking and justifies the international awards and special distinctions that it obtains for its wines every year.


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