Christos Anagnostou S.A.

The Company

The winery “Christos Anagnostou S.A.” is the natural continuation of a three veneration family tradition in viniculture and wine making at Koropi.

The Winemaker

Christos Anagnostou, enologist and food technologist, with studies in Athens and Geisenheim, Germany, has brought together tradition and technology.

The passion

Based on the solid foundation of the family know-how and using modern techniques he works persistently and patiently with passion and zest for the vinification and bottling of fine wines. This strive begins early. The attendance of the vineyards until the time of harvest is a major concern, since healthy, well tended fruits constitute the basis for good wine making. Next step comes the vinification and bottling in new installations equipped with up to date modern technology.

To ever increasing response of the public, justifies this effort and increases the obligation for continuous improvement.


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