Athenian Brewery S.A. (IOLI)

The Company

Athenian Brewery S.A. is one of most important brewing and beer distribution companies in Greece. Established in Athens in 1963 by a group of Greek entrepreneurs, is based in Athens, and is part of the Heineken N.V. Group.

IOLI Natural Mineral Water

Pure and transparent, as it wells out of the legendary source of well of Oiti, IOLI is a natural mineral water which fill our glasses with valuable nutrients for our body and the wisdom of nature. Enjoy it!

IOLI is born pure and sterling, in the heart of the precious ecosystem of Oiti Natural Preservation Forest; a unique environment of beauty and balance. The area is renowned since the Ancient years for its well and the impeccable quality of its water deposits. The myth says that Hercules –the demigod hero of Ancient Greece- and Ioli the beautiful daughter of king Euritus, liked to rest in this well and quench their thirst. Named after the beatufill princess, natural mineral water Ioli brings to us some of the same magic and offers the same refreshment. Ain’t it great? That’s the magic which happens when nature and man give their best.

A scenery of wellness

Oiti (pron.: /ˈɛtə) is one of the most magnificent mountains of the greek landscape. Its highest peaks Pyrgos and Greveno climb up to 2.152m and 2.116m respectively. Located in east central Greece and classified as National Park in 1966 for its unique ecosystem. Inside its dense pine tree forests various species of animals and plants find refuge while populate the fields and plateaus. Streams and little rivers merge to form seasonal ponds which in turn the will feed larger rivers or emerge in to the earth to fill underground water wells. Oiti is an ideal environment for the birth and growth of life. This is the place where IOLI natural mineral water is born to begin its long journey to reach our glass pure and crystal.

A long life-giving journey

Oiti’s exceptional landscape and geological composition, form an ideal environment for creating a rich water network with numerous surface and underground banks even in high altitudes. In these ideal hydrogeological conditions, nature has created IOLI’s source.

The journey of the natural mineral water can take up to 20 years to travel the distance from the eastern part of the mountains through the water table and down to the source. Various layers of clay rocks, seal and protect the water table from pollution caused by human activity, acting as a natural shield to maintain the water’s composition.

After this slow underground journey, IOLI comes out to the surface naturally filtered and enriched with all the valuable nutrients that nature has to offer. From this point at the foot of the mountain, IOLI is channeled from the source to the bottling station according to the specifications directed by greek and European law. In Athenian Brewery’s state of the art facilities, IOLI begins its new journey to reach the consumers. The facilities, consist of 2 bottling lines and private space of approximately 100.000m2. Here IOLI is bottled intact, as it spurs off the spring with not even the slightest processing or alternation of its composition.

Quality Control

The bottling procedure takes place in strictly controlled, sterile environment. While the quality of the IOLI natural mineral water is repeatedly and thoroughly checked by specilised scientists who work in the facilities. The complete production process is certified by: ISO 9001 in terms of quality, ISO 14001 regarding the protection of the envirenoment, HACCP DS 3027 regarding the food safety standards and OHSAS 18001 on health and safety measures of the working environment.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to continuously improve our facilities and to be a favorable, reliable supplier to all of our customers in Greece and worldwide. Moreover, we drive forward the development of our employees and stand up for the values that we represent as responsible corporate citizens. Our priorities were and always will be the high quality of our products, the protection of the environment and the safety of our employees.


  • IOLI Fizzy: Carbonated Natural Mineral water. A natural refreshment drink, with no calories and a subtle refreshing taste.

  • IOLI Natural Mineral Water PET & Glass: Natural, pure and tasty, is bottled straight out of the spring without any processing. Ideally balanced and enriched by nature with valuable nutrients.


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