Company Profile

The Greek Distillation Company (E.V.A.) is highly modern, and at the same time faithful to tradition. It is located in the metropolis of the Ouzo, Mytilene, Lesvos. E.V.A. is situated on a company-owned plot of 2600 m2 and has over 20 employees, modern distilling apparatuses and bottling facilities of high capacity. The company also has a chemical laboratory with electronic equipment and operates according to the quality management system ISO: 22000 and HACCP. One of the company’s main goals is the excellent quality of the produced distillates and beverages.

E.V.A. possesses a national, as well as international sales network and is in the Top 10 companies producing Ouzo in Greece. Ouzo lovers can enjoy our products in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Israel and in many countries of Northern Europe.

Also our company has many years of experience and specialisation in the private label sector and co-operates with all large Greek supermarket chains, such as:


  •  Metro A.B.E.E
  •  Veropoulos – SPAR
  •  CARREFOUR – Μarinopoulos s.a.


With innovations in the process of the production of ouzo and other alcoholic beverages, particularly regarding the treatment of the aromatic seeds, the maturing, and also in the distillation process, the OUZO DIMINO & MITILiNI, made from special varieties of aniseed grown in Aeolian soil and distilled in copper stills, offer a lot more than just a simple ouzo.



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