Papadimitriou S.A.

The Company

PAPADIMITRIOU C. C. S.A. was founded in 1938 and is today one of the largest food processing companies in the south of Greece.

Three generations of the Papadimitriou family have brought their combined knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the creation of an innovative range of high quality Mediterranean products.

With products based on the nutritional concepts of the Mediterranean diet, “Papadimitriou” has earned the confidence of consumers in both domestic and international markets.


The development of PAPADIMITRIOU C. C. S.A. is based on the following criteria:

  • The creation of innovative products with high quality specifications based on the nutritional concepts and values of the Mediterranean diet
  • The satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations
  • The creation of relationships of trust with suppliers and customers
  • The extension of activities into new sectors


Papadimitriou C. C. SA has a modern production facility, totalling 10,000m2 which located in Thouria, Messinia.

All categories of products made by the company are produced and packaged there (Mustards, balsamic vinegars, olive oil and currants) for retailing or food service.

The central office building which houses all of the company’s administrative services is also located here.


The production and distribution of products with the highest quality specifications is a major strategic commitment of Papadimitriou C. C. SA. The company has the following certification:

  • B.R.C. – Classification A (Technical Standard for Food Safety).
  • ISO 22000: 2005, ΙFS, ΗACCP

Its organic products have BioHellas certification.


  • SIAL Paris 2004 – Balsamon Mustards: Innovative products
  • IFE London 2005 – Balsamon Mustards: IFE Discoveries
  • SIAL Paris 2006 – Balsamon Mustards: SIAL d’Or
  • Greece: ELEFTHEROTYPIA Gourmet Magazine 2010 Awards – Gastronomy Award – Balsamic Vinegar
  • Greece: KATHIMERINI Gastronomos Magazine 2010 Awards – Quality Award – Balsamic Vinegar & Mustards


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