Savonerie “Sporades”

Producers Description

Producer’s Introduction

On the green island of Skopelos , the tiny ” Laboratory savonerie ” of Stelios Grypiotis within the natural,  wild beauty of Glossa  continues with the same enthusiasm and passion , the long family tradition : creating some authentic treasures of Greek production with the product line “Soap Sporades” which is engraved with an S which represents three words that begin by S: Stelios, Skopelos , Sporades


 The Soap

 A handmade, natural facial and body cosmetic, with zero acidity. Produced from 100 % olive oil (abundant in green Skopelos ) , does not foam easily due to the lack of additional chemicals that cause foam and it does not melt quickly . The weight ranges from 110 grams (minimum) to 140 grams (maximum) –on the packaging printed  only the minimum.

It is a natural soap (made with only ingredients  olive oil, water and the necessary separation agents means soda and potassium – without a trace of acids). Whether plain or enriched  with essential oils of various flowers.


 Balsam (“spathoxarto”)

 The Balm is collected every year in May at the mountains of Skopelos where is transferred to vessels containing oil. This is because the flower of feverfew (sedge) dries within a few hours from the time of cutting, so to produce the essential oil, balsam oil containers are transported in the mountains of the island so that immediately after cutting, is  placed in the containers with the  olive oil where it  remains for many months. The balm, since the time of Galen and Dioscurias until nowadays considered as a valuable healing and optimal treatment of various skin inflammations.



The properties of Peppermint briefly:

  • The peppermint essential oil has an aroma of herbs.
  • Refreshes and tones the skin and mood.
  • It offers relaxation to the muscles, relieves pain and has antiseptic properties.
  • Breathing improves concentration and helps to treat nausea.
  • Relieves tired and aching feet, brings a sense of freshness and reduces sensitivity to pain and itching.
  • Menthol is also anti-irritant, an agent that causes dilation of small blood vessels under the skin, increasing the blood flow in the region and causes the skin heat.



The use of lavender has a dual effect! Relaxes and “calms” the body and the spirit, soothing anxiety and stress, while offering “protection” to the skin helping  effectively in mild skin care problems (pimples, scratches, etc.). The Lavender has a wonderful aroma and essential oil is first in preference. Soap Lavender is one of the best natural moisturizers and treatment currently on the Greek market.

Carries natural fragrance of the flower, in contrast with common soaps contain strong chemical flavor (and a host of various acids).


Where to find them: 

The series of four products “Soap Sporades” is only available in selected outlets in Greece or abroad. But you can order them by visiting the e-shop website or request more information by sending e-mail to the email address



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