Semeli S.A.


The name “Semeli” is taken from classical Greek mythology; she was the mother of Dionysus who was referred by the ancient Greeks as the God of wine and was credited with discovering wine and introducing the cultivation of the vine to the Greeks. Dionysus was the fruit of the love affair between the Princess Semeli and Zeus. When Ira, Zeus’ wife, learned that he had betrayed her she felt enormous rage and decided to take revenge. In doing so she caused pregnant Semeli’s death. A grieving Zeus took the unborn Dionysus from his mother’s womb and sewed him into his own thigh where the baby was nourished by his father’s blood until his birth.

The Company

Semeli was founded in 1979 with the aim of producing wines of high quality to satisfy the most demanding wine lovers. The company invested in the creation of a model vineyard, selecting varieties but also cultivation methods considered to be pioneering at the time. After the acquisition of the majority shareholding by the Sallas family, emphasis is on international tendencies, a systematic effort is being made to maintain a good quality-price ratio, while constant values for the company remain its people and good raw material.

Vineyards & Cellars

Our work begins in the vineyard. The position of the vineyard, the microclimate, and the soil give our wines their basic characteristics. Our main concern is to nurture our vines, respecting these characteristics. Using environmentally friendly cultivation techniques and careful handling of the grapes we aim to produce wines of the highest quality. Semeli has three wineries in different regions and in our vineyards we cultivate both Greek and international varieties.

The Semeli Estate – or “Ktima” – in Stamata, Attica is where the company’s first winery was established. This is a small facility which, when it was created combined advanced technology with a respect for tradition.

Some years later the company’s second winery, Domaine Helios was built in an outstanding vineyard area in Koutsi, in the red wine appellation region of Nemea. This facility is on a much larger scale and impresses with its design, aesthetics and functionality. Domaine Helios is considered to be one of the most important developments in the wine world, at least within Greece. Here, with many years of wine making experience and ultramodern equipment, combined with strict specifications of cultivation and selection of grapes, we have created exceptional wines in all price categories, satisfying a wide range of consumers. Domaine Helios also boasts 8 guest rooms where we can cater for a small number of guests with discreet luxury as well as a multi-purpose space which can hold up to 400 people.

Semeli’s third winery is in the Mantineia appellation region where one of the most popular white wines in Greece is produced. This is the Nasiakos winery with a 40 year history of vinifying the Moschofilero variety. The Mantineia Nasiakos has long found its way into the hearts of the most discerning wine enthusiasts, with its impressive aromas and spicy flavour.

Visits - Guest rooms

Walking through the vineyards brings an escape from our everyday routine. And all of us here at Semeli having enjoyed this experience want to share it with wine and nature lovers! We welcome visitors at Domaine Helios (booking necessary) and can organize wine tastings, corporate and social events as well as meals.

At Domaine Helios we also have 8 guest rooms with discreet luxury where we can cater for a small number of guests who have the chance to learn how wine is made and to experience the rhythms of the vineyard. The view from the winery and guest rooms is breathtaking and offers a sense of calmness.

From the winery you have easy access to major archaeological sites (Ancient Corinth, Nemea, and Mycenae) and regions of both particular cultural interest and natural beauty.


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