Lafazanis Winery

The Company

The history of Lafazanis Winery begins in the middle of the 20th century, when Vasilis Lafazanis established in Piraeus the company, in the early 60’s.

The progress

Spyros Lafazanis – the founder’s son – from his early years, was experimenting on the potential of the polydynamic Agiorgitiko grapes in the Appellation region of Nemea, acknowledging that it is maybe the one – and – only red native variety that gives pleasant fresh wines as well as aged ones, at affordable costs.

When he took over the family business in 1985, he had already set his own goals; to get the best of Agiorgitiko can give and produce wines of the highest price/quality ratio, by using “high-tech” equipment & “cutting-edge” vinification methods.

To achieve his goals, he designed new winery installations in the heart of the Appellation zone of Nemea (1993) and became the first non – native Nemean investor in the region, followed by many more in the coming years.


The new winery of the company is located just a few steps away from the archaeological site of the temple of Hercules, in the outskirts of Ancient Kleones village, right off the national road. It covers over 4.000 sq. meters with production capacity over 5.000 tons and it is equipped with super modern machinery and experienced personnel.


Lafazanis Winery is surrounded by old as well as newly planted vineyards at an altitude of 300- 450 meters mainly of Agiorgitiko grapes as well as selected noble international ones which have been harmoniously adapted in the local terroir, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, allowing the winery in producing some of the most distinctive Greek reds.


The white varieties the winery uses include among others, the indigenous Moschofilero, Roditis & Muscat of Rio as well as the cosmopolitan Chardonnay.

To cover the constantly rising demand in Greece as well as abroad, the winery established long term relationships with the best vine growers of the region, thus securing not only the necessary quantities but the level of quality as well, achieving numerous distinctions & awards at the most prestigious wine competitions worldwide.

Product Categories

The winery’s current portfolio includes:

  • Premium Range:
    • NEMEA 12 V.Q.P.R.D, Chardonnay Single Vineyard & FILEMA sundried Muscat.
  • Selections:
    • LAFAZANIS SELECTIONS WHITE (Moschofilero-Roditis) & RED (Agiorgitiko-Cabernet)
  • Varietals:
  • Value Line:
    • PROROGOS Range (White, Rose, Red, Retsina & Imiglykos red)
  • Others:
    • BAG- IN -BOX Range & PET bottles Range


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