Cair S.A.

The Company

CAIR S.A was established in 1928 from a group of Italian investors an remains one of the biggest wineries in Greece. The full company name was Compagnia Agricola Industriale Rodi and from that name the acronym CAIR was produced. Our activity is focused on the production and promotion of high quality Rodian wines. The new premises are situated on the 2nd Km Rodos – Lindos Av in a 3 hectare area.

Values ​​& Philosophy

Our goal is to highlight through native with a history of at least 2500 years and international grape varieties thrive in the island , the specifics of the terroirs of Rhodes , as expressed through the wine. The low yields in the vineyards of Rhodes with the aim of high quality raw materials , while applying strict criteria of a qualitative separation of grapes , a premium an innovative system of ” vintage faith ” that ensures absolute quality screening. This is a qualitative distinction which we oppose and propose .

Quality Assurance

The CAIR, continuing its long winemaking tradition of Rhodes , is constantly evolving, making modernization investments. The new , modern factory covers housing areas approximately 30 acres.
The implementation of the major project of the new plant and the total relocation of all activities, with modern infrastructure in machinery and equipment , with three large investment projects amounting to 11.4 million euros , ensures quality production with stability and reliability .
The restored winery of CAIR, in Fanes, is a cultural projection of traditional products of Rhodes , historical data and equipment of that period , the engineering and evolution path of winemaking on the island , but also the center of various events in the area.
Fundamental vision is to upgrade the company at every level . Implemented restructuring of Rhodian vineyard , started in 2002 and was a lifelong dream and selection strategy , alongside the development of vineyards about 200 acres. Now that CAIR is proud of the Greek cultures and the richness of varieties produced in the vineyard .
H CAIR constantly following the requirements of quality assurance and food hygiene has gained the quality certificate according to the new standard ISO 22000: 2005.

Our Products

The CAIR has a list of full range of fine wines covering a wide range of styles and prices. From traditional flavors such as excellent retsina up the famous sweet muscat wines, and from champions in value / price to youth bottles like “Athyri Rhodes Mountain Vineyards” or prestige bottle such as “Cabernet Sauvignon’ Cellars of the Knights.” A cellar equipped with labels of CAIR does justice in the most difficult cases


  • Selections
  • Pathos
  • Rodos 2400
  • Maestro Dry
  • Maestro Demisec
  • ILIOS de Rhodes
  • Dodecanisiakos
  • Castellania

Sweet Wines

  • Muscat de Rhodes

Semi Sweet

  • Platoni White
  • Platoni Red


  • Retsina Gold
  • Retsina CAIR


Ερυθροί Οίνοι

  • Pathos
  • Archontiko
  • Knights Cabernet
  • Knights Merlot
  • Maestro
  • Chevalier de Rhodes
  • Dodecanisiakos
  • Castellania

Roze Wines

  • Maestro Dry
  • Maestro Semisweet


  • CAIR Brut
  • CAIR Demi Sec
  • Velvet Brut
  • CAIR Rose Reserve
  • SILK White DemiSec
  • SILK Rose DemiSec
  • BO White Sec
  • BO Roze DemiSec



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